How to tie bikini top

How to tie bikini top

ie the Knot: Your Go-To Guide to Bikini Top Bliss! 🎀👙💁‍♀️

Hey there, beach babe! 🌺 Before you hit those sun-kissed shores, mastering the art of tying your bikini top is essential. Whether you've got a classic triangle top or a more elaborate design, we're here to ensure you're both comfy and chic! Let's dive into the bikini-tying 101.

1. Triangle Top – The Classic:

  • Around the Neck: Start by holding one triangle with each hand. Lean forward slightly, placing each triangle over the respective breast. Cross the end straps behind your neck and tie a secure knot or bow.
  • Around the Back: Bring the straps around your back. Pull both straps until the triangles sit snugly against your chest. Secure with a double knot at the center of your back.

2. Halter Top – The Support Star:

  • Begin like the triangle top, placing the cups over your chest.
  • Instead of tying at the back of the neck, you'll crisscross the straps, bringing them around to the front under the bust.
  • Cross them once more and then tie them securely at the back.

3. Bandeau Top – Strapless Wonder:

  • Center the fabric across your bust.
  • Take the straps around your back and tie them in a secure, flat knot. Double knot if needed!
  • Some bandeaus also come with a halter strap. Simply tie it at the back of the neck for added support.

4. Wrap Top – Twirl & Twine:

  • Start by placing the bikini fabric over your bust.
  • Instead of having standard straps, you'll have longer, wrap-around ones.
  • Cross the straps under your bust, bring them around your waist or ribcage, then tie at the back or side.

5. A Few Pro Tips:

  • Double Knot: Always go for a secure double knot, especially if you're planning to hit the waves or dive into the pool. A sudden wardrobe malfunction? Not on our watch!
  • Comfort First: Tight enough to stay in place, but not so tight that it digs into your skin. Adjust until it feels just right.
  • Check the Girls: Before venturing out, do a little jiggle test to make sure everything is secure and in place.
  • Bow or Knot: If long bow ends aren't your style, tie your bikini into a firm knot and tuck away any extra lengths.
  • Mix It Up: Who says you have to stick to the instruction manual? Feel free to get creative, turning standard ties into crisscrossed patterns or around-the-neck straps!


Tying your bikini top is part fashion, part art, and wholeheartedly about feeling fabulous! With a bit of practice and a sprinkle of confidence, you'll have that bikini top sitting pretty and securely. So, tie it, flaunt it, and dive into those azure waters with style!

Happy sunbathing! 🌞🏖️🎀

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